Sept. 29, 2017

To create, we must collaborate. 

KENNETHCOBONPUE has worked with many designers to explore new possibilities and integrate points of view from the region and other parts of the world into his designs. “There’s still so much beauty out there to discover, and exchanges ideas with fellow creatives is one way to do that,” Kenneth expresses. 

Here are a few of the talented designers that KENNETHCOBONPUE has worked with. 

sep_emailer federica


Federica Capitani and Kenneth first collaborated 5 years ago in 2012 on Trame, which was then followed by Adesso a year later and then Forma. Her work ranges from small utilitarian objects to architectural projects focusing on furniture and lighting design, which reflect her contemporary aesthetic. Federica teaches in London at the Royal College of Art.

sep_emailer sergio


The Chita easy chair that the brand carries is a reinterpretation of Sérgio Matos’ original design; the difference lying mainly in the materials used. Sérgio derives inspiration from the natural landscape of his home, Brazil, as shown in Chita. His identity thrives around the preservation of ancestral techniques that value work that is handmade, which bears the warmth of the human touch. Since its opening in 2010, Sergio’s studio has won national and international awards, which has helped elevate Brazilian design in the global community.

sep_emailer danny fang


For Danny Fang, design needs to contribute to the world in an inspiring, comfortable, and attractive way. This principle is reflected in Fandango and Contessa. Danny makes sure that beyond designing a good product, he has to be aware of the social and environmental impact that he is making.

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